Soundstage LIVE! Video Shoot at MadLife

Ticket Prices May Increase

Soundstage LIVE! Video Shoot at MadLife

Adam Wakefield, Michael Zaib, Whiskey Dixie Band, Dave Miller, Tyler Lee Frush, Cody Bolden

Thu · April 5, 2018

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

This event is 18 and over

Ticket Prices May Increase.

For any wheelchair or ADA needs, please contact the Box Office in advance of the performance at (678)-384-2363 ext. 1.

Soundstage LIVE! Video Shoot at MadLife
Soundstage LIVE! Video Shoot at MadLife
Soundstage LIVE!
Presenting original artists to the world.

Call it inspiration, creativity or destiny, the spark that ignites original music brings sonic gifts to all of us – musicians and music lovers alike.

Soundstage LIVE! evenings at MadLife feature the most exceptional of the original artists who have taken our stage. These are nights of powerful words and music, with every artists’ performance being captured by MadLife engineers via our superb audio & video recording systems. Most Soundstage LIVE! shows feature 6 original artists / original bands, performing songs that offer honest windows into their hearts and minds.

Given Soundstage LIVE! performances are being captured for future publication, filling our venue with music lovers is vital to creating the awesome vibe of the night. Be part of an exclusive audience to experience heartfelt original performances and music history in the making. Be at MadLife for Soundstage LIVE!
Adam Wakefield
Adam Wakefield

Adam Wakefield is a singer-songwriter who has secured his place in Nashville, TN, but is far from the typical artist one may expect to find in the Country Music Capital of the World.

Growing up in New Hampshire, Adam didn’t intend to become an artist. In fact, his original goal was to become a musician. He began to play piano when he was younger and in search of a hobby, especially one at which he believed he could excel. Adam’s intuitions were correct, and he continued to play piano until it was time to make a musical choice and hone in on a certain genre as a pianist. Rather than choosing the predictable classical route, the man who has become celebrated for his uniqueness in his artistry opted for jazz.

The desire to continue his piano-playing in the jazz circuit lasted about one year into college, and that was when Adam realized he wanted to make a larger contribution to music than the one he was destined to at that point. Striving for something more, he decided to join his brother, who was in Baltimore, and put together a band. While juggling a full time job in construction during the day and band practice at night, Adam was also carving out some time to sharpen his skills as a songwriter. Channeling an eclectic group of artists from Stevie Wonder to John Prine to Willie Nelson, Adam would allow whatever phase he was in musically to drive him to create pieces reflective of his revolving interests.

Eventually Adam’s personal life would send him on a one-way trip to Nashville, where he decided to explore what the local music scene had to offer. He parted ways with his Baltimore band and entered Music City with no expectations, other than to enjoy playing music in a town that envelops the culture. As the old saying goes, when you stop looking for it, it will come, and that is exactly what happened with Adam’s career.

He put together a bluegrass band, started playing around town, and occasionally went out on the road with artists. While playing a gig downtown one night, somebody from NBC’s The Voice approached him and asked him to audition for the show. The audition led to a successful run, and his newfound name recognition was the catalyst for him to pursue a solo career.
Adam is now digging into his personal songwriting catalog, introducing his original material to the fan base he quickly built, and is taking his music out on the road as support for major headlining acts. He released his debut self-titled EP in July 2017 , which he describes as a “little left of center” due to the different musical styles he embraced in its creation. “After putting this band together, putting these songs together and playing guitar out front, there's a lot of rock & roll in it,” Wakefield admits. “I didn't realize it was going to be like that, and while there's a lot of straight-up old-school country influence, I think it's a great combination of rock & roll and country.”

What certainly can be said about Adam Wakefield when it comes to the music industry is that he approached it uniquely, he entered it humbly, and he thrives in it confidently. It is those qualities that make Adam a standout, influential performer in a town that celebrates musicality and yearns for the type of atypical twist he brings to the country music format.
Michael Zaib
Michael Zaib
American singer-songwriter Michael Zaib is a Georgia native with a silky smooth voice that embodies the sounds of Otis Redding and Chris Stapleton with the storytelling of John Denver. Louisiana-born and Georgia-raised, Zaib brings soul, country, R&B and folks genres into his originals that invite you on his journey as a singer-songwriter. With two records to his name—his 2017 "31" featuring five songs recorded at Atlanta's Spotlight and New York's Cove City studios, and his 2015 self-titled EP featuring hit singles "The Wind" and "MaMa Said"—Zaib tours regularly across Georgia, the Carolinas, Tennessee, Washington, D.C., New York City and Los Angeles.
Whiskey Dixie Band
Whiskey Dixie Band
Whiskey Dixie is a NWGA based Southern Soul Rock band blending Rock n Roll, Blues, Soul, and a little southern accent. They've shared the stage with some large acts including Joe Diffie, Drivin N Cryin, Artimus Pyle of Lynyrd Skynyrd and many more. They are currently in studio finishing their second studio album set for release this spring. Their touring of the southeast and midwest and powerful live shows have made them a must see band for 2018.
Dave Miller
Dave Miller
I grew up mostly in the country, south of Buffalo, NY, in Allegany County. At a very young age I began singing in church, surrounded by gospel music, which has impacted my writing to this day. Growing up through the 70's and 80’s, I was exposed to all different styles of music, learning piano, sax and eventually, guitar. Blues, R&B and soul music always inspired me though I never embraced those forms until much later in life. I was composing from a very early age and was recording my own church albums at the age of 12. In college I did a short internship in Nashville and was somewhat disillusioned by the music industry. Not long after, I was married to my high school sweetheart, started a family and got away from pursuing music for a few years.

Church kept me connected to music, and round 1995 I started a band called Painted By Moses out of Buffalo, influenced by the Seattle scene, releasing a couple albums of songs I had written that sold over 2500 copies in a couple years. We had radio airplay all around the United States on college and niche stations, playing several large festivals in Western New York through Chicago.

After several more years of almost exclusively playing gospel music, my thoughts on religion evolved and I began writing differently, and finally letting my blues and soul influences rise to the surface. Inspired by Buffalo artists such as Tommy Z, I started a band called Beautiful Bones with my son Joshua, my nephew Nick Peterson and the legendary keyboard player, Jim Ehinger, writing and performing blues and soul all around WNY. We had the privilege of opening for several national acts including Joe Bonamassa and David Allen Coe.

With changes in direction of the members of that band, I joined with members of the Todd Eberwine band to form Dive House Union (DHU), a 6 piece jam band, fusing rock, blues, soul and funk. With DHU, I was the lead singer and primary writer, contributing most of the material for two live albums, one recorded at Kleinhans Music Hall and another at the Aurora Theater. With DHU, I also had the privilege of sharing the stage with many national acts such as Tedeschi Trucks, Jonny Lang, Gary Clark Jr., Bobby Blue Bland, Jimmie Vaughan and many others. DHU has toured regionally and competed in the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, TN, making it to the semi-finals.

Most recently, my work on a solo album, Poisons Sipped, has afforded me unexpected international airplay, accolades, chart positions on the Roots Music Report, as well as birthing the formation of a new band from the musicians on that record, Miller and The Other Sinners (MATOS). This band is made up of members of The Campbell Brothers (Carlton and Darick Campbell), Jay Moynihan (Buddy Guy), Jim Ehinger (Bonnie Raitt, Taj Mahal) and other amazing artists from WNY. While working on our first EP, I had the opportunity to do a separate solo album, Same Soil, with Grammy nominated producer, Mike Brown, to be released July 1st. Same Soil was recorded with the help of some of the incredible musicians here in WNY, tracked in Temperamental Studios in Geneseo, NY, with 50% of the album recorded with pre WWII instruments. This album is dedicated to the memory of my grandfather, Myron Miller.

“I’m on a train that won’t slow down..” lines from a new song. I hope to draw the world’s attention to the sound of WNY music…. DMM

“David Miller's music is earthy and soulful. A bluesy rock style, a rich voice and guitar, along with years of experience, it adds up to a musical pilgrimage that attracts attention and stimulates a crowd. People get interested, and that's golden!” - Holt Vaughn, Founder and CEO of the Award Winning group of media companies
"Miller is one of the finest soul-based singers in our region, and throughout “Poisons Sipped,” he proves he’s also one of our most vibrant songwriters. Elements of gospel, R&B, electric blues and singer-songwriter leanings collide here to form a collection of elegant, stately and eminently grooving songs, delivered with consistent passion. This is incredibly spirited stuff, and it represents a new high-watermark for Buffalo-born recordings.” - Jeff Miers, Buffalo News

"Dave has a great soulful voice that may be the best sounding to have come out of WNY since Billy McEwen, his songs are catchy, funky, full of meaning as is his tasty guitar work." - Tommy Z, International Recording Artist

"Poisons Sipped is a perfect cocktail of Blues, Soul, and Gospel flavors! Do yourself a favor and treat your ears to one of the best albums of the year!” - Selwyn Birchwood, Alligator Records Recording Artist

“From “old-school” blues/ rock to sweet soul and gospel David Miller knows his stuff. A singer/songwriter and storyteller singing from what he has experienced, Miller is one of those guys who plays it from the heart. The notes falling from his guitar are drenched with passion and, when he opens his mouth and begins to sing, you know it’ nothin’ but the pure unadulterated truth. David Michael Miller is the real deal. If I had to label Miller, I would most likely call him a soul singer but, he is so much more. With each time that I listen to Poisons Sipped, I hear something new. This is an album that is destined to become a classic, passing down through the ages as one of those things that we all come to know and love.” - Bill Wilson, Reflections in Blue
Tyler Lee Frush
Tyler Lee Frush
Tyler Lee Frush is a self taught musician equally at home writing songs by a bonfire as he is jamming out on stage downtown. Moved after listening to The Man in Black's Hurt, Frush picked up a guitar in 2006 and never looked back. Picking up the art from watching Eddie Van Halen videos, he truly is a humble talent from humble origins. In only a short time, Tyler managed to create what some call a wholly unique and simultaneously familiar sound. Using primarily only a guitar, and his voice. Frush is constantly writing and pushing his boundaries and his own expectations to further his craft. Taking influence from musical talents such as Bon Iver, Kings of Leon, Wolfmother and Muse for writing inspiration and of course, Van Halen as his foundation for learning guitar, Frush has weaved a sound that sounds damn good flowing out your window while driving through the north Georgia mountains. Don't forget to see the real deal live.
Cody Bolden
Cody Bolden
Cody Bolden is a singer-songwriter based in Canton, Georgia. He was raised between Alabama and Georgia, traveling between homes. Music seems to be in the background of all of Cody’s memories, from his Mom singing folk songs while cooking breakfast in the morning to his Dad’s radio always being on and dialed to an Outlaw Country station. Although music was continuously present, Cody only recently decided to pick-up a guitar and start making music of his own. Two years into his musical journey, Cody enjoys writing and performing songs about things that are important to him, allowing his parents’ musical preferences to influence his sound.
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