Alzheimer's Music Fest 2017

Restaurant opens at 5 PM Wed & Thurs, 12 PM Fri - Sun. Ticket prices may increase.

Alzheimer's Music Fest 2017

Sat · September 16, 2017

Doors: 1:00 pm / Show: 2:00 pm

$25.00 - $50.00

This event is all ages

Mikhail (Copious Jones )-Venue Stage - (Set time: 2:00 PM)
Mikhail  (Copious Jones )-Venue Stage
Based solely on the merit of their original material Copious Jones has performed for crowds of thousands and has been invited to play numerous notable venues and festivals including:

Mountain Jam 2014 & 2016 (New York), Bear Creek Music Festival 2014 (Florida), Floyd Fest 2011 (Virginia), Relix Magazine Headquarters & The Orchard Distribution Headquarters (New York City), Radio Woodstock 100.1 FM (New York), Mable House Amphitheatre, Variety Playhouse, Terminal West, Smith’s Olde Bar (Atlanta).

Since their inception in 2010 Copious has had the good fortune to garner attention from many music industry notables including:
Warren Haynes (The Allman Brothers, Govt. Mule), Chuck Leavell (The Rolling Stones), Rob Barraco (Phil Lesh & Friends, Dark Star Orchestra), Robert Randolph
(Robert Randolph and the Family Band), Joey Huffman (Hank Williams Jr., Matchbox 20), Paul Diaz, owner of Tree Sound Studios (Elton John, Dave Matthews, Collective Soul), Relix Magazine and The Orchard Distribution company.
In 2013 the band signed with industry powerhouse, Kevon Glickman’s BlingNot Media which currently provides the group’s exclusive management.

Drawing from inspirations such as Paul Simon, The Grateful Dead, and Pink Floyd, Copious Jones has created a unique musical experience attracting audiences of all generations and walks of life. On their own they've booked more than 400 shows in over 60 cities and have earned a respectable following the old fashioned way, one gig at a time. The band embodies a spirit that is often forgotten in popular music today. Their honest intention and dedication to craft (along with an ever- growing repertoire of both original and cover music) have earned them thousands of fans around the globe and have listeners everywhere wondering, "Who is Copious Jones?"
The Cheap Trick Tribute: Dream Police-Venue Stage - (Set time: 2:40 PM)
The Cheap Trick Tribute: Dream Police-Venue Stage
Dream Police is four true fans putting on the most over the top, authentic tribute to Cheap Trick possible that brings all the fun, look, and music associated with one of our favorite bands, including the famous 5-neck guitar and many other Rick Nielsen guitar replicas, the 12 string bass, and lots of stage gear, and since Cheap Trick covered the Beatles many times, we also do a set of Beatles tunes in the style of Cheap Trick! It all comes from the heart and we think you'll be able to tell 🙂
Wade Sapp-Venue Stage - (Set time: 3:20 PM)
Wade Sapp-Venue Stage
Established in 1988, Wade Sapp was born in Pahokee hospital near the swampy pasture-land of Okeechobee, FL. His single mother raised five of her own, and the family moved a lot throughout the sunshine state. They finally settled in Marietta, GA where Wade went through the rest of grade school.
After graduating, Wade went to NASCAR Technical Institute and became a mechanic by trade for 7 years until receiving the confidence he needed to pursue a music career. Since 2013, he has worked in construction, organic farming, bartending, and anything else to keep his mind engaged in his writing, performing and out of the dredges of a day job. This background of earning his keep by the sweat of his brow is what makes his music so easy to relate to for blue-collar Americans.
Wade is a self-taught writer and guitar player. He started out learning classic rock hits on a Kramer electric guitar until finding a run-down acoustic guitar on the curb of a neighbor's house. He refurbished the guitar himself and from the moment he strummed the first chord, he remembered where his roots were buried and hasn't looked back since. Wade moved to Nashville, TN in December of 2016.
Vince Zangaro-Venue Stage - (Set time: 4:00 PM)
Vince Zangaro-Venue Stage
Atlanta musician Vince Zangaro (founder of Alzheimer’s Music Fest) is a man with a musical mission. After his dad was diagnosed with Alzheimers, Zangaro left his corporate job to care for his ailing parent. The lessons within this dynamic have re-inspired Zangaro’s love for music and his natural songwriting abilities have blossomed. Zangaro pens story-songs about his struggle to understand his father’s Alzheimers and the challenges... they face together. Life themes of addiction, illness and survival surface in Zangaro’s songwriting. He is joined by some of Atlanta’s top musicians–Bradd Poole on lead guitar, Matthew Trautwein of Bill Gentry Band, Karma Lingo 2.0 and The Lost Boys on violin, mandolin and banjo, Alex Rodiek on trumpet, Paul Arredondo on bass, and Jonathan Pace on drums. Zangaro’s music is often compared to Dave Matthews or Red Hot Chili Peppers. A stunning vocalist, Zangaro sounds much like Smashing Pumpkins Billy Corgan. Zangaro’s musical mission is to promote Alzheimers awareness and bring hope and help to the disempowered and misunderstood.
Ralph Roddenberry-Venue Stage - (Set time: 4:30 PM)
Ralph Roddenberry-Venue Stage
Ralph Roddenbery is a charismatic singer/songwriter/performer based out of the Atlanta area. You will usually find Ralph fronting the Ralph Roddenbery Band, but he also performs solo, with "The Jones", and with other side projects, like The Side Affects with Scott Mecredy and Michael Hurwitz of Stop Drop and Roll.

Ralph honed his songwriting & performance skills under the tutelage of Bill Berry (R.E.M), John Keane, Randall Bramblett, Davis Causey and Dave Schools (Widespread Panic) while he was living in Athens.
Ralph reaches all kinds of people through his music and with his self-effacing humor. Whether you first discover Ralph at a music festival, bar, music venue, or even surrounded by children in an elementary school, you will come away with the same impression. He is a born comedian, story teller, and performer. With his talent of improv and his ability to transfer his emotions into the songs themselves, he is able to take the performance to the highest level.
The Ralph Roddenbery Band is a dynamic blend of Americana, roots rock, and a twist of the blues. By combining four part harmonies with energizing riffs, captivating lyrics, remarkable stage presence and a driving rhythm section, RRB is able to connect with their audience in a way that makes them feel as if they are having a one on one conversation about life. The Ralph Roddenbery Band consists of Ralph Roddenbery (lead vocals/rhythm guitar), Ted Norton (lead guitar/vocals), Richie Jones (drums/vocals), Tommy Jones (bass) and Samantha Alessi-Jones (vocals).
RRB’s lead guitarist, Ted Norton, spent the nineties touring with The Grapes and has a sound that has been compared to the likes of David Gilmore and Jerry Garcia. Tommy Jones gives RRB its smooth bite with his 5 string modulos bass and Richie Jones uses a powerful and dynamic rhythmic approach to his drumming. The voice of Samantha Alessi-Jones is reminiscent of Emmy Lou Harris and Kate Wolf, yet she still has her own unique sound.
RRB primarily tours in the Southeast U.S. playing major clubs, theatres, festivals, and private events. As of late, RRB played at Suwannee Springfest, Magnolia Festival and The Variety Playhouse, and has shared the stage with Larry Keel, Joe Craven, Donna Hopkins, Tishamingo and David Blackman. Ralph Roddenbery currently has four releases: Fix Myself, Live at Tree Sound Studios, Let It In - Live and their newest album, For So Long. The album was recorded at Bakos Amps Works in Atlanta and mastered by Rodney Mills Masterhouse.
Lefty Williams-Venue Stage - (Set time: 4:30 PM)
Lefty Williams-Venue Stage
Not just a great one-armed guitar player, a great guitar player.
A skilled guitarist with over two decades of experience, Lefty Williams holds songcraft and musicianship at a premium. By emphasizing each equally on his ironically titled sophomore album Snake Oil, he engages and enlightens the listener. In turn, we fall for Williams’ powerful guitar licks and candid songs, often long before the origin of his nickname—he was born without a right hand—is clear. And by then, it’s just another dimension to his talent.

“I definitely don’t wanna shy away from my arm,” says the Atlanta born-and- bred songwriter/musician, who’s been playing guitar since age 4. He started out strumming with the end of his “nubb,” and fashioned his first prosthetic pick at 6. “I was just using the skin on my arm—the same way a fingerstyle player would use his thumb. Then I wanted to play faster.” On his grandfather’s hunch, Lefty approached his prosthetician who devised a sock- like leather wrap. “It didn’t work at all,” he laughs, saying he finally “tore apart
my prosthetic arm,” using the strap and part of the harness to fashion something that worked.

Henceforth a self-taught musician, Lefty refined his skills by listening. “After my dad taught me basic chords, he showed me how to figure it out on my own. I remember we were listening to the guitar solo part of ‘Stairway to Heaven’ and my dad pointing out all the guitar parts that were going on in the background and saying, ‘That’s the kinda stuff you gotta listen for. If you can figure all those out and how to play ‘em at the same time, you can make it sound like the record.’”

Soon Lefty was transcribing songs by Steppenwolf, Led Zeppelin and Yes before moving on to more difficult material. By 11, he was playing in bands. “Death metal!” he laughs. While playing upright bass in the school orchestra he learned how to read music, and in 1998 he made his way to the Atlanta Institute of Music to hone his guitar skills. There he found that his condition put him on equal—if not higher—footing than his peers and instructors at the Atlanta Institute of Music, who envied his “perfect” picking technique. “A lot of guitar players change between moving their wrists and their elbow and their fingers,” he says. “Mine never really changes.”
After graduating with honors, Lefty was offered a teaching position at AIM. During that time, he gravitated from metal to grunge bands learning valuable lessons from each. “I can shred if I want to,” he says, “but I get really bored with that. The one thing I took from grunge music was not soloing, just taking your time and making your songs as good as you can possibly make them.”

This knowledge served him well as he grew into the bluesy, jazzy style he plays today, which nods to Jimi Hendrix, Albert King, Aquarium Rescue Unit, Miles Davis, Stevie Ray Vaughn and early Led Zeppelin—all artists that understand the importance of a great song. Lefty also heeded their performances, and worked to construct a combustible live show with the Lefty Williams Band, which quickly became a big draw at local and regional clubs like Smith’s Olde Bar (Atlanta), Murphy’s (Boone, North Carolina) and The Dunedin Brewery (Dunedin, Florida). The LWB has also opened for the likes of Gov’t Mule, Tim Reynolds, Little Feat, Jimbo Mathus, Col. Bruce and the Quark Alliance and the Chris Duarte Group.

In 2006, Lefty recorded his debut album, Big Plans, produced by John Keane (REM, Widespread Panic). It brought a dynamic range of music to the table, from high energy like “Shine Begins to Fade” to soulful tracks like “Sunny,” in which Lefty's innate sense of groove and melody, coupled with an expressive, visceral guitar sound, coalesce. Big Plans received raves from Relix, Hittin’ the Note, and, and Williams toured for 18 months behind it, all the while writing like a fiend. By the end of 2007, he got the itch to return to the studio.

Once again teaming with Keane, who says "Lefty's sound is a compelling combination of honest, heartfelt lyrics and masterful rhythm and blues muscle," Lefty reaches deep into personal experience on Snake Oil. “There’s a lot more honesty in these songs,” Lefty says. The dirty, groovin’ title track refers to two-faced industry types, specifically “a guy who promised me the world and then kinda hosed me.” His divorce fuels the funky “Thank You,” where he acknowledges the silver lining, and thanks his ex for kicking him out. “We’re both better off now.” And the sweet, tender “A Little Bit of Faith” (featured on the Relix CD sampler for June 2008) is written for “my current wife. It’s just a promise to her that I’m not gonna goof around on her.”
Musically, Lefty soars on Snake Oil, ratcheting up the earthy yet sophisticated sound of Big Plans. He achieves a coolly smoldering burn—merging King’s world with Davis’s—with “On the Prowl;” suffers through his slide guitar on the gospel-tinged “In the Valley;” channels playful lust on the jumpin’ “Hey Mama;” and creates a taut, stinging three-minute guitar feast with “Salt Stained Moment.” The LWB’s taut grooves are augmented by two guests: Todd Smallie (The Derek Trucks Band) plays bass on “Why Didn’t You Call,” and “On the Prowl” and “Hey Mama” feature blues luminary and fellow Atlanta resident Tinsley Ellis.
Says Ellis, “I was knocked out by Lefty the first time I heard his music on MySpace. I just knew that I had to seek him out and hear more of his stuff. He is a veritable triple threat on certainly guitar but also as a soulful vocalist and clever songwriter. The fact that he is out there winning over fans one at a time with his nonstop touring schedule is definitely something that I can relate to. I was thrilled when he asked me to guest on his new album.”
Having already given many of the songs on Snake Oil a live test drive, Lefty looks forward to presenting them fully realized on another lengthy tour in 2008. Mostly, though, he’s chomping at the bit to play live, electrifying audiences with his musical virtuosity and heartworn songs. “Let’s just make some cool music,” he says. “That’s all I’ve ever really cared about.”
Crane-Venue Stage - (Set time: 5:10 PM)
Crane-Venue Stage
Best described as crossover music, Crane has a sound that is all his own. Musical influences range across the board, but most prevalent in his current writing would be Soul, Reggae, R&B, and Pop. Hypothetically, you might find him on tour with Ben Harper, G Love, The Dirty Heads, Citizen Cope, or Allen Stone.

With an average of 250 performances per year, including 5,000-attendee festivals, cruise ships, dive bars, and wing joints, Crane’s motivation in 2016 has been a business-minded focus on “not keeping the band a secret anymore.”

Since the release of the “I Love Women” EP in September of 2014, Crane has toured non-stop. In the midst of a rigorous live performance regime, he’s managed to find himself with a new management team, new content, new material, and writing with even more Grammy Award winners and International-touring artists. We look forward to releasing all of the new music that has been developed since the “I Love Women” EP.
Peyton Parker-Venue Stage - (Set time: 6:10 PM)
Peyton Parker-Venue Stage
As a teenager, Georgia native Peyton Parker fell in love with Nashville and its vibrant music scene - so much so she convinced her family to move there to pursue her musical path. Since making the move in 2013, the country singer-songwriter has immersed herself in the music community and is beginning to make a name for herself on both the local and national stage. Grammy award-winning producer/publisher Charlie Peacock calls Peyton “richly talented, intuitive, hard-working” with an “undeniably unique vocal sound”. Peyton has appeared in concert with Walker Hayes, Jana Kramer, Parmalee and David Nail. In addition to winning Zac Brown’s Southern Ground Social Club Open Mic Songwriter Showdown and making the finals of the Nashville Rising Star Singer Songwriter contest, Peyton was selected as Nashville radio station Lightning 100’s Artist of the Week. Most recently Peyton was a contestant on NBC’s hit show, “The Voice”, where she earned a three chair turn and a spot on Team Blake. Her blind audition video of Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” has nearly three million views on YouTube. Peyton is currently writing, performing and preparing for the release of her debut album in Spring 2017. For booking and other requests:
Gurufish-Venue Stage - (Set time: 7:10 PM)
Gurufish-Venue Stage
Sexy, funky-as-hell, pop music" is what critics are saying about
Gurufish (Ear Magazine). Electrifying audiences everywhere
with their own provocative blend of pop, funk and soul, and
their over-the-top performance spectacle, Gurufish excels at
weaving irresistible melodies around hypnotic, funky grooves
to give birth to songs that are hooky, sexy and sophisticated.
This multi-dimensional ensemble's kaleidoscopic blend of genres
is what makes them appealing to a wide variety of audiences.
Songs that sound at once fresh and familiar are served with
generous injections of funk and soul and sprinkled with
psychedelic twists, glam rock and soulful jazz. Gurufish is glitter
soul. Founded by singer/songwriter/producer Jimmy St. James
and accompanied by co-writers Matty Haze on guitar and
DeWitt Ellis on bass,with Steve Dixon on drums, Gurufish is
currently playing dates in support of their most recent critically
acclaimed release, "Mohair Supreme", while recording and
preparing for a new release in the spring of 2013. They have
shared the bill with such prestigious acts as: The Brand New
Heavies, Nikka Costa, P.M. Dawn,The Spin Doctors, Derek Trucks,
The Flaming Lips, Galactic,Cypress Hill, Ghostland Observatory,
The White Stripes, LMFAO, The Isley Brothers, Dag, Foreigner,
and the P-Funk Allstars.
Glenn Phillips-Venue Stage - (Set time: 8:20 PM)
Glenn Phillips-Venue Stage
For over 40 years, Glenn Phillips has made his living as a guitarist and composer, with 12 critically acclaimed albums out under his own name. Two of his releases received 4-star reviews in Rolling Stone, including Echoes, a double CD compilation with a 40-page booklet written by Phillips.

Of his work, Stereo Review writes, "To say that Glenn Phillips plays guitar is like saying Michael Jordan takes shots at the basket." Rolling Stone writes, "If rock & roll guitarists were kamikaze pilots, Glenn Phillips would be in heaven right now," and The Atlanta Journal-Constitution describes his latest release, Angel Sparks, as "armchair travel to place you didn't even know existed."
Born in 1950, his musical career began in 1967, as a founding member and songwriter of the legendary Hampton Grease Band. The group released a double LP on Columbia and played with countless classic bands of the era, including Jimi Hendrix, The Grateful Dead, Fleetwood Mac and The Allman Brothers. Frank Zappa was a fan of the band, and one of their many historic shows was at the Fillmore East with Zappa's Mothers of Invention. Phillips jammed with Zappa that
evening, as did John Lennon and Yoko Ono. In 1996, Sony re-released the Hampton Grease Band, which included an extensive history of the group written by Phillips. It received a 9 out of 10, "near perfect" rating in Spin Magazine, and interest in the band continues to this day. The Dec. 2008 Oxford American magazine contains a feature article on the group as well as its music on a CD included in the issue, and they had this to say: "The Grease Band's guitar player, Glenn Phillips, was better and more interesting as a guitarist than Frank Zappa . . ."
In 1973 Phillips began his solo career. Lowell George, the leader of Little Feat, called him "the most amazing guitarist I've ever seen," and Phillips frequently sat in with the band. In 1975, he released his first album, Lost at Sea. Recorded at home and self-released, it predated, as well as influenced, the entire do-it- yourself movement that overtook rock music several years later. It was championed by influential British DJ John Peel, who played it regularly on the BBC, and London's leading music magazine, NME, held a reader's poll, where it came in 2nd. That was followed by a call from famed entrepreneur Richard Branson, who was then head of Virgin Records. They signed Phillips and brought him overseas to tour extensively, including a concert at London's famed Rainbow Theater.
In the years since, Phillips has toured and recorded regularly with his own group, as well as with the Supreme Court, his side project with Jeff Calder of the Swimming Pool Q's. He's also collaborated with artists as diverse as Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead, and Pete Buck of REM. Phillips' 1988 recording with Henry Kaiser received San Francisco's coveted Bammy award and NPR has played his music regularly on All Things Considered for the past 20 years.
The one constant throughout his career has been that his music has remained as unique as it is acclaimed. From Relix, "Phillips is a guitarist with flair and imagination and seemingly limitless technical ability. He comes up with a sound that defies categorization. His music is melodic, it's tough, it's uplifting, it's inventive and highly recommended," and from Guitar Player, "A supremely musical player, Phillips has something few musicians attain: a voice of his own."
Alex Guthrie - (Set time: 9:20 PM)
Alex Guthrie
Imagine for a moment the lovechild of Marvin Gaye, Ray LaMontagne, The Allman Brothers, and John Mayer; you now know Alex Guthrie and his band. Blending soulful vocals, story-rich lyrics, and the organic synergy of the 70's southern blues bands, The Alex Guthrie Band gives you some of the most real music of our time.
Tommy Talton-Venue Stage - (Set time: 10:10 PM)
Tommy Talton-Venue Stage
Tommy Talton – Until After Then (Hittin’ the Note Records)
Album Review by Scott B. Bomar (author: Southbound: An Illustrated History of Southern Rock)

Six decades in, it’s clear that guitarist and songwriter Tommy Talton is still making music for the sheer joy of it. Until After Then, his fourth album for Hittin’ the Note Records, is a breezy romp through Talton’s wide-ranging musical interests. He manages to perform with both the energy of a music-obsessed kid and the restraint of a seasoned veteran – because, at heart, he is both.

During the late 1960s a teenaged Talton honed his chops with central Florida’s regionally popular We the People. They released singles on the Challenge and RCA labels, but Tommy eventually wound up in Southern California where he reinvented himself as a folk-rock troubadour. After returning to the Sunshine State, he joined forces with Scott Boyer to form a new band that would come to be known as Cowboy. At the urging of Duane Allman, the group was signed to Capricorn Records and Talton relocated to Macon, Georgia where he played with his own group - while also working as a studio musician backing the Allman Brothers Band, Bonnie Bramlett, Clarence Carter, and others. Following a stint playing guitar for Gregg Allman, Tommy ultimately relocated to Europe, where he continued to perform with a group known as the Rebelizers.

Though Talton now makes his home in Georgia, Until After Then was recorded in Alabama with an impressive array of guest musicians, including Amazing Rhythm Aces veteran Billy Earheart, Muscle Shoals Swamper David Hood, Capricorn drummer Bill Stewart, and Wet Willie guitarist Rick Hirsch. Drummer David Keith pulled double duty keeping the beat and co-producing the album with Tommy.

The record immediately crackles to life as the guitar and organ stabs on the title track manage to be both subdued and exciting in that perfect soul-infused Southern-cool kind of way that defines classic songs like “I’ll Take You There.” The instruments may be sparse, but the arrangement leaps from the speakers and demands your attention, particularly when Talton displays his sensitive touch on the tasteful lead guitar work.
“Real Sugar” is a playful musing on the ways we’re bombarded with unpronounceable chemical ingredients in commercially packaged food products. It works as an extended metaphor for a general sense of authenticity - a spirit reinforced by the horn lines that conjure what it might sound like if the classic era Stax musicians tackled the social issues of our day.

With “Mr. Love,” Talton explores his psychedelic side with a dreamy Beatlesque melody. That same influence appears again throughout the album, most notably on “My, O, My,” a sparsely arranged gem that sounds like a Wings-era McCartney ballad enhanced by Talton’s beautifully restrained slide guitar work. It’s a high point among this collection of strong melodies.

Tommy Talton isn’t afraid to explore the full spectrum of his musical influences. From the South-of-the-border-meets-laid-back-island vibe of “I Keep My Mind On You,” to the Dickey Betts-invoking guitar work of “You Got a Friend,” to the echoes of Cowboy in the acoustic tones of “She Was There,” Until After Then is an album that consistently hits the high marks of Talton’s musical loves but never sounds like imitation. He is the unique talent who wears his influences on his sleeve, but makes sure to leave his own fingerprints highly visible.

Two of my personal favorite tracks appear late in the record. “The Man From Down Near Waco” is a tribute to Talton’s old friend Billy Joe Shaver. Featuring echoes of Waylon Jennings (thanks largely to John Klulinich’s twangy electric guitar leads), it’s also an exceptional lyric. “Love U A Little” sounds like a delightfully semi-deranged circus tune that could easily be an outtake from Bob Dylan and The Band’s Basement Tapes.

Unlike many veterans whose best years of making music are well behind them, Talton continues to be consistently engaging. Do yourself a favor and explore any part of his vast catalog. Until After Then is a great place to get started.

Tommy Talton is one of the best songwriters and guitarists of our time. Talton has taken the southern music scene by storm in recent years with a new band, a new determination, and exceptional new music. Talton's music showcases not only his classic slide and guitar work, but his distinctive vocals, and passionate songwriting. Tommy Talton Band live performances appeal to all ages, as evidenced by the wide age range of audiences at its live performances. Expect to hear music from many genres from the Tommy Talton, from blues, southern rock and country rock to Americana, R&B and soul. Talton's critically acclaimed studio CD, Tommy Talton in Europe, was released on Hittin' the Note Records In May 2008, and his highly anticipated new live CD, Live Notes from Athens, released in April 2009. Talton's newest work, "Let's Get Outta Here," is due to be released on Hittin' the Note Records in late Sesptember 2012.

Tommy Talton was a founding member of Capricorn Records group Cowboy. While in Macon, GA through most of the 70s, Talton was a studio musician recording with artists such as Bonnie Bramlett, Martin Mull, Corky Lang (West, Bruce and Lang, Mountain), Gregg Allman, Dickey Betts, Clarence Carter, country legend Kitty Wells, Alex and Livingston Taylor, Arthur Conley of Sweet Soul Music fame, and more. He toured extensively throughout the U.S. with Cowboy and with the Gregg Allman tour, from Carnegie Hall (as special guests) to Fillmore West in San Francisco and most cities in between. Talton was also the guitarist on Gregg Allman's "Laid Back" album. He lived and toured in Europe throughout the 90s and formed a group there, called The Rebelizers, with members of Albert Lee's band, Hogan's Heroes. Talton returned to the United States and formed the Tommy Talton Band in 2006. Talton performed at the Beacon Theatre in New York City on March 17, 2009, as a special guest with The Allman Brothers Band in celebration of the Band's 40th anniversary, and again in April 2010 at the Macon

City Auditorium in Macon, GA. Talton continues to tour with The Tommy Talton Band and Cowboy (reunited in 2010), and solo/duo in certain venues, and as a special guest with many other well known, accomplished musicians and bands. Talton will begin touring in support of his new release in September 2012.
7 Licks-Patio Stage - (Set time: 2:00 PM)
7 Licks-Patio Stage
After a 13 year hiatus, 7 Licks is back at it, playing the rock, blues and jam music they love! Tunes from Gov't Mule, ABB, Joe Bonamassa, Gary Clark Jr., and much more.
Casey Camp-Patio Stage - (Set time: 2:40 PM)
Casey Camp-Patio Stage
Lianne Hutcheson-Patio Stage - (Set time: 3:20 PM)
Lianne Hutcheson-Patio Stage
Alzheimer’s advocate/singer-songwriter
R.M.S.-Patio Stage - (Set time: 4:00 PM)
R.M.S.-Patio Stage
R.M.S. is a Heavy Metal power trio from the ATL comprised of Angie Riley on bass and vocals, Thom Mathews on guitar and vocals, and Dave Strandquest on drums. If you are sick of walking into a club where a band is playing, only to hear "Freebird" or "Play that Funky Music" for the millionth time, R.M.S. is your cure. Played-out standards are not the standard for this band. R.M.S. plays only the best old- school Heavy Metal covers for true Heavy Metal fans. With Angie Riley, a thrashy bass player with a sick soaring voice; Thom Mathews, a high-octane vocalist and a guitarist who can shred his way out of a titanium bag; and Dave Strandquest, an artist of percussive assault and battery, this is a unique cast of characters who form the trinity that helps beer drinkers and hell-raisers once again enjoy their club- going experiences. R.M.S. is here to give you the tribute to true Heavy Metal that no other band can or will.
My Rebel Episode-Patio Stage - (Set time: 4:40 PM)
My Rebel Episode-Patio Stage
My Rebel Episode is a punk infused power-pop band from Atlanta, Ga. born from artists with tour and musical experience spanning the globe. Guitarist/vocalist Johnny Powell fronted Atlanta alt- rockers Hanging Francis, who were called in the press, "Paul Westerberg fronting a '77 era Clash." Lead guitarist Ben Baeumert worked and toured with various hip-hop artists, most notably with the HipHop group Khalifa, who opened and toured with major label artists such as BigBoi from OutKast, Trina, ThreeSix Mafia, and Young Jeezy. Drummer Michael Patrick was in Atlanta's Chain Poets, a Nirvanaesque, Cheap Trick influenced hard rock three piece, bringing solid rhythm skills and harmony vocals. From Calcutta, India, bassist Sandip Roy played with Cactus, a mainstream alt/rock band in India that recorded four full length albums for a major label there, and worked on successful Bengali movie soundtracks. The act was recently signed to Georgia label CBM Records, and is working with producer Mike Froedge (DoubleDrive, Black Label Society) of Open Sky Studios. Stay tuned for news and music from this talented group of alternative rock songsmiths out of Atlanta.
Scott Pingley-Patio Stage - (Set time: 5:30 PM)
Scott Pingley-Patio Stage
Atlanta based singer/ songwriter/ entertainer
The Lost Boys-Patio Stage - (Set time: 6:20 PM)
The Lost Boys-Patio Stage
The Lost Boys are a troupe of high energy performers who have joined forces to bring the world a unique blend of original music, and traditional folk tunes, along with contemporary and classic rock n' roll parodies with a renaissance flair. Reported to have invented rock and roll in the year 1599, the boys have entertained audiences at Renaissance Festivals, theaters, and rock and roll clubs across the country. It's Spinal Tap meets Shakespeare In Love, and fans of music with comedy and comedy with music will surely enjoy this musical insanity. Accept no substitutes: the Lost Boys!
Anne-Marie Perry-Patio Stage - (Set time: 7:10 PM)
Anne-Marie Perry-Patio Stage
Currently playing Atlanta area and the Southeast with her 4 pc Rock band...Anne-Marie is also pursuing Placements in Film/T.V./Ads and writing/co-writing with other artists.
Anne-Marie started writing songs at a very young age and picked up the guitar to help write music melodies for her lyrics. By the mid- 1980s she was playing in a 3 pc new wave/progressive band called 'Cheerful Tearful' out of Houston, Tx...and opened for the legendary band Kings X before moving to Atlanta,Ga.
During the 1990s, she fronted the band 'Gild The Lily'...and become very popular as a regional, Southeast, touring band...Recorded their first cd at the famous Tree Sound Studios in Atlanta, opened for many great bands including Violent Femmes at The Fox Theater, Georgia Satellites for New Years Eve, Played the main stages at 2 events during the Summer Olympics in Atlanta,Ga...and enjoyed a bit of Radio air play on 99X.

After a brief time with the band 'Jane Ivy' and recording with John Anthony of Wet Willie and the legendary Paul Hornsby in Macon,Ga , she formed the band 'Green Bracelet' and had local success for 8 years...including playing SXSW in Austen, Tx, Cherry Blossom Festival in Macon, Ga.
Anne-Marie is still rockin...touring under her own name. Look for her at a Festival or Theater near you!
Horse-Patio Stage - (Set time: 8:10 PM)
Horse-Patio Stage
Horse’s music draws from experiences and universal truths that we all can relate to. From pawn shop days swapping gear to trying to stay afloat in the Colorado River, Horse paints a picture with each song. We’re more than just a band of musicians, we are ambassadors of sonic bliss and the struggle to obtain it.
Mike Martin-Patio Stage - (Set time: 9:10 PM)
Mike Martin-Patio Stage
Former Digital Nations artist Mike Martin is best known as guitarist for The Dreaded Marco and for his time touring and recording six and seven string guitar with the bands Stuck Mojo and Fozzy. Most notably composing, arranging, choral conduction, engineering, producing and performing all of the guitars for the 14 minute progressive epic “Wormwood” from Chris Jericho’s (of WWE fame) lyrics about the book of Revelations for Fozzy’s album “Chasing the Grail” (RIOT! 2010).
Born to a military father and a mom who is a contralto classical singer and choral conductor, Mike started studying violin at age four and by age 11 picked up the electric guitar. He then studied classical and jazz guitar at the Concord Community Music School (NH) in Jr. High and was gigging professionally by the age of 14. Later, he would study rock and fusion with GIT graduate Tom Yoder

of Myrtle Beach, SC before graduating high school and moving to Atlanta, GA. Mike went on to study music theory and composition Dr. David Maves at the College of Charleston, SC graduating in 1999 as well as classical guitar with Marc Regnier.
Since college, Mike has done everything from working in the Atlanta Blues scene as a mercenary sideman for hire gaining him the honor of being included in a historic photo of GA blues musicians in 2000 now on display in The Georgia Music Hall of Fame (Macon, GA) to touring with label rock, metal and progressive bands nationally and internationally as well as appearing on 12 album releases to date.
As a solo artist, Mike performs with the best musicians in the Southeastern USA including Todd Smallie and Yonrico Scott of the Grammy Award winning Derek Trucks Band, Quentin Baxter & Kevin Hamilton of two time Grammy nominated jazz vocalist Rene Marie’s band as well as keyboardist David Manion (Kansas, Seventh Key, Level 5). His first album, “2 of 5”, released on Steve Vai's Favored Nations Digital Nations label in 2010, is an instrumental work comprised of personal subject matter focused on compositions serving up the guitar in a grand progressive rock-fusion fashion heavily focused on melody and arrangement.
Mike is currently working on his follow up solo release “Drive”, a double album of instrumental music diverse in composition, ensemble and styles as well as touring and recording with The Dreaded Marco.
Venue Information:
Madlife Stage & Studios
8722 Main st.
Woodstock, GA, 30188