Country Artists Unite for Project Live Love, Hosted by Channing Wilson

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Country Artists Unite for Project Live Love, Hosted by Channing Wilson

Sun · May 7, 2017

Doors: 5:30 pm / Show: 6:30 pm

$10.00 - $20.00

This event is 18 and over

Channing Wilson
Channing Wilson
"God could you throw this dog a bone. Let me turn the corner and be home. I'm tired of being on this road alone." Real lyrics are what Channing Wilson is all about.
From a small town in Northwest Georgia, Channing learned about real life American good times and hardships. He's not afraid to tell you about it either. From his songs like "Poor Man's Cocaine" referring to methamphetamines taking over rural America, to songs like "Crazy Over You" which is a throwback love song to the era of Waylon Jennings and Merle Haggard, Channing's voice along with his lyrics stand alone in a time of mass produced "throwaway" singers and songwriters.
Brought up on the real side of the tracks by two hard working "dirt collar" parents, he had plenty of opportunities to learn real life at an early age. Channing says "I didn't have a musical family. My mother is a pretty good singer, but an even better worker. So, I found music later than most artists." Finding music later for Channing didn't slow down his passion for it. Learning guitar at 17 and starting writing shortly after. "I came across a book of short poems my mother had written before I was born, and after reading them I was so inspired to explore my own creative side."
By age 25, he had flunked out of college and quit more jobs than he applied for. "I never could accept the idea that I was supposed to work every day for someone else. I expected more than a paycheck. After a friend turned me on to Guy Clark and Steve Earle, I knew 2 things. I never wanted to punch a clock again, and I had to become a better writer and musician." That's exactly what he did at 26 years old, he started his first band and quickly learned the ropes as a very successful regional act. That venture lasted 6 years until he became a father and knew he had to step up his game if he was going to turn a dream into a way of life.
Selling a fishing boat and a decent guitar collection to finance trips from north Georgia to Nashville every week paid off in October of 2010 he was approached by EMI Music Publishing after playing a Tuesday night showcase called Alabama Line. After meeting with EMI a few times he was offered his first publishing deal. "I didn't know what I had to offer such a big corporate publishing company, but when I looked on the roster and saw Guy Clark I knew I was in." It didn't take long before he was in the room with his teacher. Learning from the master himself. "Just knowing Guy has made me a better man, but getting to share ideas and stories is a dream come true."

Channing got his first cut with a song titled "Living With The Blues." Sony recording artist Tyler Farr cut the song the same way he heard the demo. Acoustic and raw. Channing even played the guitar track on Tyler's upcoming album. He has been writing with some of Nashville's best writers such as Guy Clark, Ashley Monroe, Drake White, Dave Kennedy and more. All the while pursuing artist acknowledgment. When asked if he wanted to be an artist he replied "If you can't tell I'm an artist by listening to my songs, you're not listening."

He has shared bills with so many of his heroes such as Billy Joe Shaver, Steve Earle, Robert Earl Keen, Tony Joe White, Chris Knight, Dale Watson, and many more including getting invited to be on the 2012 Country Throwdown Tour.

Channing's love for country music history and the future of country music is second to none. "I came to Nashville to make a difference and I'll always work hard to earn respect from my peers. I owe them that at least. Hell, I've played their songs so many times for free."
Dave Kennedy
Dave Kennedy
After years of paying dues everywhere from dives to theaters, Dave Kennedy has descended on Nashville like whirlwind. With a voice big enough to grab your attention and songs great enough to hold it, the singer-songwriter and East Tennessee native has spent years developing his craft both as a performer and prolific writer all around the Southeast, and is determined to take his place among the new wave of Americana and more traditional country music artists. His songs are equal parts heartbreak, redemption, whiskey and truth, which is why he’s quickly becoming a favorite of music fans, songwriters, and artists alike. Dave has spent the last 7 years tirelessly playing and writing in search of the voice and statement he wants to bring to the music he loves. With ear and heart ever faithful to the country traditions and journeys of those who came before him, his ability to connect with an audience through both his words and performance is a testament to both his traditional roots and his soulful voice, which resonates with or without a microphone.
Trey Teem
Trey Teem
"Cumulus Media has revealed the 10 country music artists selected as finalists in the NASH Next Challenge 2016 (below). The talent search and artist development program enlisted a celebrity panel, including Scott Borchetta, Kix Brooks, Jay DeMarcus and Danielle Bradbery, to whittle the finalists. The winner will receive a recording contract with Big Machine Label Group, their original song produced by DeMarcus, and national radio airplay on Cumulus Media radio stations across the U.S. The finals will take place during a three-hour public event Tuesday, Oct. 25 at 7 p.m. at Mercy Lounge in Nashville. NASH Next Challenge 2016 Top 10 national Finalists: 1. Alexis Gomez from Cincinnati 2. Murphy’s Ford from Columbia, MO 3. Jake Dodds from Indianapolis 4. Todd O’Neill from Lafayette, LA 5. Brittany Pfantz from Lake Charles, LA 6. Trey Teem from Macon, GA 7. The Young Fables from Nashville 8. Spinn from New York City 9. Billy Shaw Jr. from Tucson, AZ 10. Ashley Jordan from Worcester, MA"
Project Live Love
Project Live Love
The Need For Love
Mother Teresa once said, “The greatest disease in the west is not TB or leprosy. It is being unwanted, uncared for, and unloved.” In America you don’t have to go far before you find someone who is in desperate need of love. Communities have been crushed by the addiction of drugs. Thousands of people sleep in the streets because they are without a home. Women and children cry themselves to sleep at night because they have been sexually exploited all day. The need for love becomes more and more apparent when seeing the absence of it.

What if it was possible to put more love in the world? Could we create real change to today’s social issues? Could we start a movement that would change the world? Could we, through love in action, change the reality of so many living with out it? Project Live Love was born as an attempt to answer these questions with a Yes!

The Project
proj⋅ect [n. proj-ekt, -ikt] 1. something that is contemplated, devised, or planned; plan; scheme. 2. a large or major undertaking.

“Project Live Love is a non-profit organization designed to influence culture through love in action by engaging, networking and mobilizing people who are motivated by love.”
The Initiative – THINK LOVE
We influence the hearts and minds of individuals with the idea of “LIVE LOVE” by infusing that message into culture. We use tools like t-shirts, stickers, public speaking, billboards, social media, art shows, and more to inject the message into everyday life. We are marketing a message. The initiative focuses on working with all different areas of culture (Art, Music, Words, Education, Politics, Religion, Media & Fashion) to advance the message.
The Network – SHARE LOVE
We create environments and resources that allow people to network with each other and their community’s needs to collectively LIVE LOVE. We create space for individuals, organizations, and communities to come together to LIVE LOVE through meeting specific community needs.
The Action – DO LOVE
We provide hands-on opportunities to put love in action. We partner with individuals, corporations, social organizations, churches, and schools that desire to put their love in motion. We provide opportunities for them to do so by creating programs and projects that are based on local community needs and collecting projects from various 501(c)3 organizations that work on today’s social issues. (i.e. homelessness, sex trafficking, drug and alcohol rehabilitation and more)
Venue Information:
Madlife Stage & Studios
8722 Main st.
Woodstock, GA, 30188