Beatles Tribute - The Return

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Beatles Tribute - The Return

Sat · July 6, 2019

Doors: 9:45 pm / Show: 9:55 pm

This event is 21 and over

  • Ticket Prices May Increase


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Beatles Tribute - The Return
Beatles Tribute - The Return
About The Return

The Return got its start back in 1995 when four young friends got together to play their favorite Beatles songs just for the fun of it. It wasn’t long before they played in front of an audience at the request of a friend and as it turned out, were very well received. That show—which was supposed to be a one time thing--led to another gig, which led to another and so on until the band found themselves playing on a regular basis. They decided to go ahead and make it official. They named themselves the Roaches.

As time went on, they began to polish up their act a bit and became fixated on the idea of striving for the highest level of authenticity possible. They wanted to recreate the early sixties Beatles concert experience from the tiniest detail (John Lennon’s on-stage gum-chewing) to the biggest, most expensive details (using exact replicas of the instruments and gear the Beatles used). While they were learning to comb their moptops just right and finding the right Beatle boots and black suits to wear, they were also learning each song note for note, rhythm for rhythm—getting the signature moves and ‘looks’ of the Fab Four down pat, too. They practiced relentlessly--with a growing passion for getting their show just right. In the years that followed a few members came and went, and the band took on a more professional presence. They got an agent, changed their name to the Return, and began to command the attention of more widely renowned clients not only in the United States, but in multiple other countries as well—including England.

“They are known as one of the best Beatles cover bands in the country for a reason, and it was evident from our fans’ reaction to hearing them play.” ­— Scott Cunningham ~ Director of Entertainment ~ Atlanta Braves

Today the band still strives to maintain the utmost level of authenticity in their show. In fact, they are known for it. They’ve played thousands of shows—theatres, festivals, fairs, casinos, cruise ships, colleges and universities, weddings, birthday parties, bar mitzvahs--as well as countless corporate events for companies like Coca Cola, ABC, Hard Rock Cafe, and Volkswagen International--and the reaction is the same every time. People are amazed at how much the Return sounds and looks just like the Beatles.

“They were great! Their energy and enthusiasm jumps off the stage. It was quite fun to watch them and imagine what it must have been like at an actual Beatles concert!” ­— Tony Perkins ~ Good Morning America

The Return has crafted a truly authentic, entertaining, and very exciting show. And in doing so, the band not only delivers a near perfect reproduction of a live Beatles concert--they capture the very essence of the Beatles themselves.

“Seeing the Return is like traveling back to Liverpool in the early 1960s...The Beatles live thanks to the Return!”
— Jim Weiss~Senior VP of PR ~ Turner Broadcasting


- Performed a private concert at Abbey Road Studios in London, England
- In Japan - headlined the 40th anniversary celebration of the Beatles’ visit to Tokyo
- Performed at the 2012 US Olympic Swim Trials in Omaha, NE
- The official band of the Hard Rock Cafe’s 30th anniversary celebration
- Debuted their “Sgt Peppers & Beyond” show in front of 10,000 fans in Hermosillo, Mexico
- Performed a live concert on XM Radio for the 40th anniversary of the Beatles’ 1st US visit
- Recorded the Happy Birthday jingle for
- The Atlanta Braves 2009 Band Of The Year
- Performed at the Cavern in Liverpool, England
- Provided the vocals for the instructional series
- Official band of the 2008 Beatle Brunch Cruise
- Performed at Beatles Fest West in San Francisco, CA
- Headlined the PATH Rocks 2009 Paul McCartney pre-party concert
- The official band of the 2003 Magical History Tour in London & Liverpool
- Performed at the 2011 Golden Goggle Awards hosted by Kevin Nealon
- Appeared nationally on CNN, TBS, and VH1
- Mentioned in Time, Forbes, Bridal, and Mix Magazines
- Entertained guests at private parties for the CEO of Coca Cola, the President of ABC Radio,
media mogul Ted Turner, and Hollywood producer Jerry Bruckheimer
- Shared the stage with legendary and well known acts such as:
Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis, The Monkees, Peter Noone, Blood, Sweat & Tears, Chubby Checker,
The Association, BJ Thomas, Flo & Eddie (The Turtles), Tommy James & The Shondells, Johnny Rivers,
The Grass Roots, Chuck Negron (Three Dog Night), Jerry Lewis & The Playboys, Billy J Kramer, 38 Special
Venue Information:
Madlife Stage & Studios
8722 Main st.
Woodstock, GA, 30188