Triple Play featuring Paris Luna, Andante, and the Mike Watson Band

Ticket Prices May Increase

Triple Play featuring Paris Luna, Andante, and the Mike Watson Band

Thu · September 20, 2018

Doors: 6:30 pm / Show: 7:30 pm

$15 - $20

This event is 18 and over

Ticket Prices May Increase.


For any wheelchair or ADA needs, please contact the Box Office in advance of the performance at (678)-384-2363 ext. 1.

Paris Luna
Paris Luna
Is Paris Luna a singer or is it a band. Is she Country or is she Rock. The only way to smartly answer those questions is to simply combine them and state:
Acclaimed independent songstress Paris Luna returns with a potent slice of Southern style rock and roll and gritty Countrified-Americana on her newest After August Entertainment release Between the Ditches. This is the kind of EP guaranteed to satisfy longtime fans and display the magnitude of growth since 2007’s City Lights.
For the passionate fans, this is Paris Luna at the top of her game, crafting memorable songs laden with more hooks than a stocked tackle box. The four songs range from the lamenting “My America” to the epic southern girl anthem – well, the aptly titled “Southern Girl.” “Boots and Bangles” and “If You’re Not Here with Me” represent two ends of the Paris Luna spectrum and complete the EP.
Recorded in early 2013 at Blackbird Studios in Nashville with Trent Rhodes producing, Between the Ditches re-unites Paris with long-time band mates Michael Harris/guitars, Toby Marriott/bass and Kane Russell/drums. Paris herself is a multi-instrumentalist – adding acoustic guitar, piano and percussion exactly where they fit! Famed fellow multi-instrumentalist Barry Waldrep (banjo, mandolin and guitar to name a few tools in his arsenal) is the featured player on the EP and has sat in with the band during many live performances!
Together, the band, with Waldrep in tow, fleshed out Paris Luna’s tunes – that were born out of her upbringing in the small town of Dallas, GA. “Southern Girl was written while driving our 1970 Ford truck the 30 mile distance to mom’s house. By the time we arrived, I sang it word for word,” she opines. It certainly is an anthem to that kind of southern woman who exudes a cool self-confidence but is never afraid to just let loose and do what she feels.
“My America” is slightly political and very patriotic – out of necessity. “It was written after a conversation with my military cousin who was once again deployed overseas to protect and defend our country. When he returned he had problems finding a job in the country he so boldly served. The essence of this song reminds me of the melodic way we created songs on the last record.” This is a great bridge between City Lights and the new EP. She adds “It is a touching story and an instant favorite of ours.”
Further illustrating the calling of her Nashville - by way of Rock sound - is “Boots and Bangles.” “I wrote that song on a receipt, the only paper I could find after showering before meeting with my producer. It documents the struggles and triumphs of the last ten years. It contains some very introspective – yet universal lyrics.” Paris says. “The line ‘There’s a storm in your mind that’s raging all the time…’explains what many band’s feel - the constant climb and the drive to never let go of your dreams.” It is truly exemplary of her and the band’s sound.
The last song placed for the EP came about very organically. “If You’re Not Here with Me” was written principally by Waldrep and fleshed out with Paris during rehearsals - and is a favorite of both performers. “I think every musician struggles with some kind of dependence. This song really highlights the choice to love the music and your loved ones – more than anything else you may be dependent on” says Paris. This is a sentiment that anyone can relate too and her fans definitely have. She is humbled by that and simply states “I truly love this song!”
In support of the EP’s release, the songs have been serviced to Country and Americana radio stations and programs, and have already garnered significant airplay. This follows the success of songs from City Lights that found airtime on Adult Alternative, Hot Adult Contemporary and Americana radio stations. The band is actively touring, playing shows recently with Devon Allman, Phillip Phillips, Lonestar and a kickoff show for Kenney Chesney and the Brothers of the Sun tour.
Paris Luna is the 2012 Georgia Music Award winner for top Female Artist and she will be a part of Barry Waldrep’s next all-star project by his personal invitation. Her songs have been placed in programming for Showtime, Lifetime and MTV and have been heard around the world on many shows through the Discovery Channel.
Paris Luna is a dichotomy. It IS the name of the band AND the stage name of the multi-faceted front-woman who leads it. As displayed on Between the Ditches, Paris Luna is a musical force with songs rooted in many musical traditions like Country, Rock and Americana all coming together to reach the hearts and minds of long-time fans and new converts alike. PARIS LUNA ROCKS! - Indeed!
For more information and booking – contact After August Entertainment:
Brittany Fox – 770-377-5697 (info, booking and general inquires)
Andante is a Hampton, GA based Latin Rock band. They got together on 2001 in Puerto Rico where they played local clubs including the Hard Rock Café of San Juan. Served as opening acts for groups like SAGA, RATT, Faster Pussycat and L.A. Guns. Their influences run from Santana, Mana, Jimmy Hendrix, Pearl Jam, Fates Warning and Rancid. Their music is a mix of Ska, Alternative, Punk and of course a lot of Guitar Rock. Their songs are in Spanish. Andante is composed by Miguel on Vocals and Rhythm Guitar, Martin on Lead Guitar, Raul on Bass and Tony on Drums.
Mike Watson Band
Mike Watson Band
Atlanta Society of Entertainers - 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2016, 2017 Blues Band of the Year
The MWB, collectively, have more than 60 years of performing and recording experience and they see no chance of slowing down anytime soon. Their travels, separately and as a group, have taken them all across the United States, performing concert halls to coffee shops and everything in between. The Mike Watson Band, having many different styles of music between them, have charted a new course of music they like to refer to as rhythm, country, southern rock and blues or rcsb. MWB has been a hit in many venues, performing numerous repeat performances in Athens, Helen, Lexington, Marietta, Blairsville and Jefferson, Georgia as well as their numerous performances at The Chunnenuggee Fair in Union Springs, Alabama. Mike's soulful vocals and blazing guitar work, along with the incredible contributions from bassist Paul Arredondo, keyboardist Ken Ferguson and drummer Tim Nash, amazes crowds wherever they play.

MWB had the distinct pleasure of being named as the 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2016 and most recently the 2017 Blues Band of the Year by the Atlanta Society of Entertainers and Mike was also named as the Entertainer of the Year in 2013, received the 2016 Director's Award and was voted the Musician of the Year in 2017!

Over the years, The Mike Watson Band, collectively, have worked with, or opened for:
Cheap Trick, Hamilton, Joe Frank, Reynolds (Don't Pull Your Love), Chris LeDoux, Janie Frickie, The Freddy Fender Band, Allan Frizzell, Melba Montgomery, Bill Haley's Comets, Doyle Grisham (Jimmy Buffett Corel Reefer Bandmate), Darlene Austin, Bobby G. Rice, Wet Willie, Tommy Crain (guitarist for The Charlie Daniels Band for 15 years), and numerous other national and regional acts.

No strangers to the recording studio, The MWB has recorded at:
Studio By The Pond (Hendersonville, Tennessee
Fireside Recording Studio (Nashville, Tennessee)
Tree Top Studio (Nashville, Tennessee)
D & D Studio (Fairview Tennessee)
Pete's Place (Nashville, Tennessee)
Small Town Sound (Colbert, Georgia)
C & C Media (Haysville, North Carolina)
The Mike Watson Band is:
Mike Watson - Lead Guitar & Vocals (Bandleader & Frontman)
Ken Ferguson - Keys & Vocals
Tim Nash - Drums & Vocals
Paul Arredondo - Bass Guitar & Vocals
Venue Information:
Madlife Stage & Studios
8722 Main st.
Woodstock, GA, 30188